B is for…Bugs

*I do NOT suggest typing the word “bug” in your search engine… Unless you want to be totally grossed out and feel itchy all over.

  • Read bug books from the library.
    We had fun just looking at pictures of all the different kinds of bugs.

    Go on a bug huntIMG_6947  I thought about making my own bug checklist with pictures and then going and looking for the real ones, but since grandma bought these bug eggs for Collin at Easter, we decided to use those instead. Less work and it allowed Tate to nap while we played. I just hid them all over the back yard and had Collin find them.*You could also print out pictures of bugs and hide them inside the house if you aren’t able to go outside.

    Alphabet Bug Spray
    This was not an idea I came up with myself. I stole it from another favorite website of mine called
    Basically you draw chalk bugs on your driveway and put a letter in each one. Then you give your child a spray bottle and tell them to spray for bugs! As you call out letters, the kids have to find the bug with that letter and spray it. Since we are working on the letter B this week, I just had Collin find and spray all the B bugs.

    Color B page

    b animal alphabet letters to print

    Do bug finger play

        •   We had so much fun with this and learned several fun songs about bugs!We just used our fingers, but if you are feeling really crafty you could make the bug finger puppets like she does :)*Click on the picture for the instructions and to view the words to the songs.

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